Based on the emerging blockchain technology.

Linkyfy developed a medical records storage and transfer system to be accessible anywhere and everywhere by a link. Linkyfy assures the security of your medical records.

Our App is adviced by medical institutions and doctors.
Linkyfy will give you the power to control your medical records.

Available for Apple and Android

You will be able to see your patient profile, your complete medical records and share it with doctors and medical institutions.

All this securely with blockchain technology

Linkyfy ecosystem

likyfy ecossystem

Why linkyfy?

Security, Privacy Control

The patient has complete access to and control of his medical records through Blockchain technology.

Health Network

Linkyfy promotes a Health network with focus on the patient. The easy access to the linkyfy ecosystem will result in improved health and wellness services.

Mobility, Emergency

The patient will always have his medical records. He can transfer them securely, simply and immediately between health institutions. All his health providers will be informed about his medical history. In an emergency, it can facilitate and support their decision making.


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